Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Will be MIA

Hello everyone, I will be going to Singapore and Jakarta this weekend and will not be updating the blog till I get back. However I promise to take lots of pictures and will post them up once I get my hands on the computer, which may take awhile as I will be busy eating and shopping...hohoho

Anyways, Happy Chinese New Year..wishing everyone healthy and peaceful Roaster Year.

Oops spell wrongly shd be Rooster Year...I think too much about Roasting Ham and Turkey...must be the xmas fever...anyways someone out there corrected me...i wander who is this mystery person..pls reveal yourself...

Saturday, January 01, 2005


I have a thing for takoyaki, especially when I am back in Singapore (cant wait to go back) either that or when I am at Kura (Japanese restaurant @ Haymarket).

Takoyaki also known as Japanese octopus balls. It tastes totally different from our Singapore's octopus balls or HK's well-know octopus balls. Also it doesn't come cheap as majority of it is covered in flour with one or two thinly sliced octopus. And for Singapore and HK's octopus balls, they are made from real octopus meat.

Anyways, takoyaki can be made at home at low cost. Basically one can make the batter from basic. However I prefer to buy the premix from supermarket which is much more convenient and guarantee results. Another important thing that is needed, is the takoyaki pan but it is quite difficult to find in western countries. Therefore I substitute this equipment with a non stick muffin tray. And of course a small muffin tray would be better.

Here's the quick recipe.

Takoyaki premix or check out this site for homemade takoyaki batter
Since most premix can make up to 50 takoyaki, for 2-4 people, I used 1/2 of the portion in the premix and mix with water till I got a batter that is not too watery or too thick.

octopus, bolied and sliced
spring onions, finely chopped (opt)

bonito flakes

Worcestershire sauce

Instead of adding octopus, try
- ham and chesse
- crabmeat
- deep fried tofu (small pieces)
- vegetables (such as finely sliced carrots and onions or spinach and cheese or corn and cheese)
- sassages (cooked and thinly sliced)
- chicken (cooked and thinly sliced)
- Cornflakes

basically anything you like....

Using a muffin tray, place on stove and glaze butter.
Pour in mixture and then add spring onions followed by ingredients such as boiled octopus or anything preferred ingredients.
Using satay sticks to turn the takoyaki..is take a little practise to master.